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Borneo is the third-largest island in the world and the largest in Asia. Borneo Island is divided into four political regions namely Kalimantan, Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei. It is known for its beaches and ancient, biodiverse rainforest and home to wildlife.
Sabah and Sarawak are rich in nature, contain unique flora and fauna and mysterious caves that attract many brave explorers. This is the most exciting stop for explorers who reverence the nature. You can admire the world's largest flower, Rafflesia and also the largest arboreal mammal, Borneo Ape (Orangutan) in the forest reserve.


The Land of Hornbills - Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia, located in the southwest of Borneo. Sarawak contains large tracts of tropical rainforest with diverse plant species, historic caves and multicultural ethnic life. You can visit Sarawak to experience the region's beauty and biodiversity apart from the world class museums being part of the cultural attraction.
The Land Below the Wind -
Sabah is a perfect place to visit for nature and adventure lovers. The prime destination of Sabah is Mount Kinabalu - second highest peak in Southeast Asia.
The 'Cat City' -
The capital, Kuching, is a bustling city set on the Sarawak River. Kuching emerged as one of the most vibrant cities in the region and it is the largest city on the Borneo Island.
Miri New Seahorse Landmark - Seahorse is a distinctive sea creature that has both gentle & graceful characteristics, represent cultural identities of Miri who live in peace and harmony.
Everrise the fastest growing premium supermarket chains in Sarawak is proud to have its presence in the Borneo Island with a total of 18 stores spanning across Kuching and Miri, Sarawak and Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

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Be Kind To Our Earth - We are pleased to launch our Borneo Edition Woven Bag to support environmental sustainability.