International Partners

Everrise is one of the largest and fastest growing supermarket chains in Sarawak. Established in 1993 and now with a staff force of around 1000, Everrise has a total of 17 stores which span over Kuching, Miri and Kota Kinabalu.

Everrise has established itself as a leading local supermarket chain offering value for money products. This is achieved by understanding the needs of the local market and constantly adapting to changes by optimising its product offerings which include a cluster of international brands. 

Everrise  bringing over more than 2000 products from around the world, specially from Australia, UK, USA, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries, ranging from snack confectionery, frozen food, ice cream, wellness & organics, condiment & sauce and several others categories all under one room for the convinience of our customers.

Products from the top retailers like Woolworths (Australia) and COOP (UK) are offer  exclusively for our customers.